Brussels Airlines: Stop deporting migrants and asylum seekers

Brussels Airlines is voluntarily doing the Belgian government’s dirty work, flying persecuted migrants and asylum seekers back to countries where their lives are in danger — and ignoring the police violence they suffer in the process.

In Belgium, a group of over 50 brave individuals are striving to put an end to it. Just days ago, they occupied Brussels Airlines’ headquarters, signalling they wouldn’t give up until the company stops complying with forced deportations.

With your signatures behind them, we can ramp up the pressure on Brussels Airlines — and airlines all over Europe — to cease this cruel and unfair practice.

Tell Brussels Airlines to stop carrying out deportations!

It’s been 20 years since Semira Adamu, a young Nigerian woman, was suffocated to death by Belgian police aboard a deportation flight from Brussels. The time is long overdue for Brussels Airlines to stop profiting off this brutality and take a stance against it.

Despite what you might think, airlines aren’t compelled by law to assist with deportations. In June of last year, Virgin Atlantic announced it would no longer be deporting asylum seekers on behalf of the UK home office. Yet Brussels Airlines, and other holdouts like British Airways, are only too happy to keep cashing in on their government contracts, no matter how many innocent lives are at stake.

The good news is that you and I can make a difference in this. All around Europe, we’ve been seeing resistance from people like Elin Ersson, the Swedish student who prevented a Turkish Airlines flight from deporting an Afghan asylum seeker, and the German pilots who, by refusing to fly, have stopped over 200 deportation flights from taking off.

You don’t need to block a flight yourself to help — all you have to do is show Brussels Airlines their occupiers aren’t alone. With enough people on board, we’ll get the airline industry to ground its deportations for good.

Tell Brussels Airlines to stop deporting migrants and asylum seekers.

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