How to participate? Concrete proposal

Monday 22nd of July starting at 7pm act on social networks and reveal what Brussels Airlines’s advertising will never say. You can find the instructions here.
The concept
From Monday 22 July at 7pm and for 24 hours this action is carried out as part of the Brussels Airlines stop deportations campaign.
Beyond the company’s active participation in the structurally violent system of expulsions, Brussels Airlines uses and abuses a colonial narrative communication through which it positions itself as a friend and specialist on Africa. The mission it has set itself: “To be the most personal airline, bringing people together, making travel a pleasure”.
This action on social networks aims to raise awareness among Brussels Airlines customers and friends about what is happening behind the scenes at the airline company.
Through its advertisements, websites, Twitter and Instagram accounts and Facebook pages, Brussels Airlines builds its image by claiming a historical proximity with the African continent which it considers its “second home”.
Yet, in complete contradiction to what Brussels Airlines claims, it is helping to shatter the lives of people who have decided or been forced to leave their countries. While it has no obligation to do so, it deports them to countries where they do not want to go. By turning a blind eye and taking part in the systematic physical and psychological violence inflicted on those who are expelled, it is an accomplice to a system that criminalizes, excludes and kills migrants. It has an undeniable responsibility for the trauma that these people experience and that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Despite our concerns, the airline does not take any public position on the subject and thus helps to hide these infamous practices, which are often unknown to users.
We also remind Brussels Airlines that it is high time to take a stand on the subject.
 The main objective of our campaign is to make sure that the airline is no longer an accomplice to this racist and murderous system.
We will only stop our actions when Brussels Airlines stops these expulsions.
How to participate?
Joining this action is very simple!
Brussels Airlines builds its image on the web, through its website and social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
We would like to challenge them with our message #BrusselsAirlinesStopDeportations on the following channels :
Wherever you are, you can explore these different virtual spaces and flood the web with the demands of the campaign.
By leaving comments, replying to other comments, asking Brussels Airlines questions about its inhuman practices, and especially asking them to stop!
The messages:


The common framework
Attention! The action is intended to be inclusive and the participants are asked to respect a common consensus: 
you are invited to show creativity and humor but must under no circumstances convey sexist, racist, homophobic, trans-phobic, hateful, ecocidal or harassing comments.
The campaign will disassociate itself from such behavior if it were to occur.

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